If you are looking to play with Kangaroo Point Rovers unfortunately all of our teams are full for the 2020 season. Please come back at the end of 2020/start of 2021 and contact us then.

For any community/neighbourhood enquiries, please direct them to our community liaison

Otherwise, the club can be contacted by the details below.


Kangaroo Point Rovers

140 Baines Street, Kangaroo Point

Brisbane, QLD 4169

Ground Location.

Raymond Park

140 Baines Street, Kangaroo Point

Brisbane, QLD 4169

Club Contacts

The best way to get in touch with us via email is through our general info email address. Alternatively, if you need to get in touch with any particular member at the club, please do not hesitate to reach out to the following committee members on the below emails provided.

General information -

KPR Committee 2020

President: Hailey Apted -

Vice President: Elias Tharenou -

Treasurer: Nick McQueen -

Secretary: Jess Braat -

Registrar: Jacob Cooke -

Social Media: -

Community Liaison: Joel Bradshaw -

Canteen Manager: -

Competitions Manager: -

Groundsman: Elias Tharenou & Bill Culhane -

Senior Capital League 2 Men's Coach: Julien McNamee -

Senior Capital League 1 Women's Coach: Jess Donsky -

Men's City 4 Coach: Peter Polichronis -

Men's City 6 Coach: Jon Whitehead -

Men's City 7 Coach: Brad Kennedy -

Women's City 3 Coach: TBA -

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