Honour Roll

The Kangaroo Point Rovers Football Club (formerly known as Pineapple Rovers) recognises the valuable and dedicated contributions made by our members and volunteers and is proud to share the following group of people among its honour roll.


1995 - Jon Whitehead

2001 - Kevan Whittaker

2003 - John Reid

2005 - Steve Silvester

2006 - Grant Brown

2007 - Steve Silvester

2008 - Artie Raptis

2009 - Tim Moore

2013 - Richie Muir

2015 - Andrew Bromwich

2017 - Duncan Tranent

2019 - Hailey Apted

2021 - Peter Polichronis

Life Members

Jon Whitehead

Sharon Jackson

Kevan Whittaker

Terry Macca

John Collins

Len Ross

Eddie Portas

Mitch Cattermole

Lucas Woodbury

Steve Silvester

Stevie Verschoyle

Peter Polichronis

Kristian Tognini

Sakitha Bandranaike

Brooke Roberts

Laura McMinn

Ian Gomez

Sean Loriaux

Richie Muir

Graham Cameron

Chris Oliver

Imogen Rothwell

Angie Prewecki

Elias Tharenou

Piers Euler

Jess Braat

Julien McNamee

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